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Gardening for wildlife in The DMV

Native Plant consult, design and landscaping

A sustainable approach to The Trade

District Native Plants provides consultation, design and landscaping services using plants native to our region. Our goal is to help you provide a beautiful landscape that supports wildlife. Some of these landscapes could include a pollinator garden or planting some shrubs for bird nesting, food and protection. We can help establish a native tree or install layers of plants under existing canopy. Many homeowners are interested in reducing their lawn. We can offer planting alternatives. Send us a message today and we will get right back to you. We can start your project with an on site consult to discuss your goals.

Crew leader service

Many home gardeners have an interest in planting native plants in their yard and enjoy doing the work themselves and appreciate the labor savings with DIY. We can help you on your project with plant selection, garden design and plant and materials acquisition. When you are ready to roll up your sleeves we can even place the plants for you. Better yet, we can stick around and help your crew of friends and family get ’em in the ground while you host your very own native plant party! We want native plants to be accessible and fun for everyone – we will find a way to make it happen.

Planting for wildlife

Biodiversity is declining all around us. We can impact biodiversity in a positive way by utilizing sustainable gardening practices such as planting native plants. The bees, butterflies and birds all rely on plants native to our region to sustain them.

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